Fotonik Araştırma Laboratuvarı

   Aim to generate and characterize photonic qubits within optical fibers exploiting four wave mixing process for quantum information technologies such as quantum computing and quantum communication. This includes;

  • Increasing amount of quantum information capacity per photon by enhancing individually manageable and measurable number of degrees of freedom
  • Demonstrating production of photon pairs born with hybrid entanglement
  • Methods for tailoring the quantum states of photons

   Aim to characterize optical properties of nanoscale thin films to improve the sensing capabilities of optical fiber based sensor systems. This includes;

  • Point spread function engineering
  • Near field techniques

   It is aimed to manipulate and filtering nano-sized particles using light radiation pressure explicitly scattering and gradient forces. The light wave exerts momentum when encounters to the particles inside a solution. This momentum provides pulling force towards the highintensity point as a result of gradient force and thrust in the direction of propagation resulting from scattering force.
   By controlling these two forces, it is aimed to demonstrate that it is possible to obtain for nanoparticles.

  • Size Based Filtering
  • Material Based Filtering
  • Geometry Based Filtering