Ertunga Burak KOÇAL (research assistant)

Şamil ŞİRİN (research assistant)

Fiber Sensor Lab is accepting enthusiastic grad/undergrad students who are interested in developing novel technologies for sensing applications. 
Please contact Dr. Kıvılcım Yüksel Aldoğan if you are interested.
  • Optical fiber metrology
  • Distributed and quasi-distributed optical fibre sensors
    • OFDR, Phase-OTDR, OTDR
  • Applications of Fiber Bragg Gratings
    • Chemical (SRI), Physical (temperature, strain, pressure)
  • Development of innovative concepts for low cost intelligent traffic management and transportation systems
  • Optical access networks, Passive Optical Networks (PONs)
  • Physical layer monitoring of PONs, Fiber to the home (FTTH) technologies.

Full list of our publications:

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Interested in realising a Master Degree  in Fiber Optics?

Contact us: kivilcimyuksel@iyte.edu.tr


  • Şamil SIRIN. Investigation of phase-sensitive time domain reflectometry for optical fibre sensing, IYTE, September 2019-ongoing.

  • Ertunga Burak KOCAL Development of a Simulation Tool for FBG-based Phase-OTDR Vibration Sensors, IYTE, September 2018-ongoing.

  • Melike DEMIREL Framework for evaluating security and maintenance issues in optical fiber access networks: case for Turkey, IYTE, December 2018-ongoing.

  • Hurriyet YUCE CAKIR. Potential Applications of Inorganic Optical Elements and Polymeric Systems, IYTE, 2018-ongoing.

  • Cansu IDE. Analysis and implementation of long period fiber grating and Fresnel reflection-based sensors for refractive index measurement of liquids, IYTE, July 2017.

  • Anil YILMAZ. Analysis and implementation of optical fiber sensors for process monitoring of composie materials, IYTE, December 2016.

  • Gizem SOYLU. Exploiting second harmonic generation for microelectronics interface characterization, IYTE, July 2016

  • Deniz OZCAN PALA. Analysis and modeling of a novel approach for the interrogation unit of fiber Bragg gratings sensors using optical frequency- domain reflectometry techniques, IYTE, July 2014.

Interested in realising a graduation project in Photonic Technology?

Contact us: kivilcimyuksel@iyte.edu.tr


(by Arda Şahin)- Tubitak 2209

  • 2019. Development of a Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) Prototype

(by Florent Dransart, HELHa, Belgium)-Erasmus Internship Programme

  • 2019. Development of a simulation tool for optical fibre vibration sensor

(by Şamil Şirin)-Tübitak-2209

  • 2019. Design and Implementation of a Computer-Aided Calibration System for Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

(by Hazal Kahraman)-Tübitak 2209

  • 2019.Analysis and implementation of Li-Fi System

(by Onur Ateş)-Tübitak 2209

  • 2018. Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Sensing Schemes based on Coherent OTDR

(by Doğuş Karabulut)

  • 2017.  Analysis and Implementationof a New Sensor InterrogationApproachBasedon Fiber CavityRing-Downand OTDR

(by Nazlıcan Yılmaz, Büşra Akbulut)

  • 2016. Analysis and implementation of opticalfiber sensors for monitoring of composite materials

(by Ali Yılmaz, UMONS, Belgium)-Erasmus Internship Programme

  • 2016. Analysis and implementation of a refractive index sensor based on Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

(by Remzi Altunörs and Çağla Demir)

  • 2015. Analysis and implementation of a tool for the physical-layer monitoring of optical access networks (TRA method)

(by Serkan Ormancı)

  • 2014. Theoretical Study of the Birefringence Effect in FBGs Using Transfer Matrix Method

(by Anıl Yılmaz)

Technical elective courses on Photonics.


  • EE-511. Fiber Optic Communications
  • EE-412. Lightwave Communications (Syllabus)
  • EE-411. Fundamentals of Photonics


  • EE-221. Concepts of Modern Physics (core course, Syllabus)
  • EE-313. Microelectronics (core course)
  • PHOT-505. Applied Photonics (Project, Spring 2020)

Where are they working now?


          Formerly worked at Ermaksan and Nanotam upon graduation.


  • Hazal Kahraman (2019): System design engineer at ASELSAN (Ankara, TR).

  • Şamil Şirin (2019): Research assistant at Izmir Institute of Technology (Izmir, TR)
  • Doğuş Karabulut (2018): Data scientist at Veriff (Estonie).

  • Nazlıcan Yılmaz (2017): System engineer at ASELSAN (Ankara, TR)

  • Büşra Akbulut (2017): Product and support engineer at OSIsoft (Germany).

  • Çağla Demir (2016): Information security engineer at NETSMART (Istanbul, TR)





Between 2013 -2019, a total of 15 undergraduate students from our department (Electronics Engineering Department) realised their summer internships (between 2 and 3 months) on photonics technology at the state-of-the-art laboratories of UMONS (Electromagnetism and Telecommunications Department).



January 2021

Term Project Seminars

  • A Market Research of Fiber Optic Sensors

by Ceren Özkal

  • A review of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)-based fiber optic biosensors
by Enes Ataç
  • An Overview of Optical Fiber Sensors in Large-Scale Particle Accelerator Facilities
by Anıl Karatay

July 2020

An overview of FBG-assisted Phase-OTDR Techniques presented at ICTON’2020 

An invited talk was given by Dr. Kıvılcım Yüksel Aldoğan about Recent Advances in FBG-assisted Phase-OTDR technique and its applications.

The 22nd Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) was held in remote online version due to Covid-19 pandemic.

June 2020

Şamil Şirin gave a research seminar on fiber optic current sensors

Şamil Şirin realised his Master Thesis Proposal seminar June 26 2020, 11:00am.

Project title is “Development of a Simulation Tool for Fiber Optic Current Sensors”.

March 2020

Arda Şahin has been awarded TÜBİTAK 2209 support

Arda Şahin has been awarded TÜBİTAK 2209 support (research project supporting programme for university students) with his project called “Data Communication System Between Two Devices Through Visible Light Spectrum”.

The project is consulted by Dr. Kıvılcım Yüksel Aldoğan and aimed to enhance the performance parameters of a Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) prototype previously developed at the Department. Second aim of the project will be implementing a Medium Access Control to increase the number of users supported by the system.

February 2020

Our paper has been accepted for a poster presentation at the International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (OFS 2020)

Combined Effect of Multi-Reflection and Spectral Shadowing Crosstalk in Phase-OTDR System Using Fiber Bragg Grating Array. 

The multi-reflection crosstalk when combined with the spectral-shadowing effect has been shown to make the interpretation of spectral analysis more difficult in Phase-OTDR sensing system based on weak fiber Bragg grating array.

The International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (OFS), established in 1983, is acknowledged as the world’s leading conference on all topics related to photonic sensing technologies. OFS provides a forum for reporting and exchanging ideas on the latest advances in research and development on fiber-optic and photonic sensing.

January 2020

Şamil Şirin joined EE Department and our Lab as research assistant

Şamil Şirin completed the B.S. degree in 2019 in İzmir Institute of Technology, Electronics Engineering Department.

He is currently pursuing a master degree and working as a research assistant.

December 2019

Ligth Fidelity (Li-Fi) demo realised 

Li-Fi Prototype has been successfully designed and implemented by Florent Dransart (HELHA, Belgium) in the framework  of Erasmus student exchange programme. 

Set-up demo video:

December 2019

We participated to Technology Days organised by Izmir Universities Platform 

November 2019

Şamil Şirin gave a talk on “Development of a simulation tool for vibration sensors based on Phase-OTDR interrogator” at ASYU’2019

November 2019

​Dr. Yüksel Aldoğan organised and chaired a special session at ASYU’2019 

Conference on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications (ASYU 2019) was organized by Yaşar University, in cooperation with Yildiz Technical University. The topics of interest mainly cover Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Smart Systems, Machine Learning, and Data Mining. 

July-August 2019

Dr. Yüksel Aldoğan was at UMONS (Belgium)

A fruitful collaboration  was realised on the interrogation of FBG sensors by Phase-OTDR.

June 2019

Tubitak 2209-A Grant obtained for three graduation projects

Hazal Kahraman, Şamil Şirin and Onur Ateş completed their projects supported by TÜBİTAK 2209 Grant Program for undergraduate students. 

October 2019

Ertunga Burak Koçal joined EE Department and our Lab as research assistant

Ertunga B. Koçal completed the B.S. degree in 2018 in İzmir Institute of Technology, Electronics Engineering Department.

He is currently pursuing a master degree and working as a research assistant.

June 2017

Dr. Yüksel Aldoğan’s project proposal for TUBITAK BIDEB-2219 International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program was granted 

In the framework of this collaboration with UMONS, Development of a phase-OTDR interrogator based on coherent detection scheme was accomplished.

The short-term mission blossomed significantly and we have published the results, in the form of journal paper and conference presentations.


October 2016

Dr. Yüksel Aldoğan became an academic board member of Photonics Department of IZTECH

October 2012

Dr. Yüksel Aldoğan became an academic collaborator of Electromagnetism and Telecommunication  Department of Mons University (UMONS, Belgium)