Courses Offered by Salih Dinleyici

EE 511 Lightwave Communications

Optical propagation in fibers, attenuation, scattering, dispersion, polarization and non-linear phenomena in transmission. Optical sources and optical detectors. Coupling of sources and detectors to optical fibers, splicing and optical connectors. Non-coherent receivers and their performance, non-coherent optical fiber communication systems.

EE 512 Advanced Optical Communication Techniques

Coherent optical fiber communication systems with heterodyne and homodyne demodulation. Optical fiber amplifiers, frequency division multiplexing and time division multiplexing. Wavelength Division Multiplexing systems. Pulse propagation and compression. Soliton.

EE 514 Principles of Modern Optical Systems

A general review of ray optics, wave optics, beam optics, fourier optics and photon Optics. Electromagnetic theory of optics and polarization; optical waveguides; fiber optics; optical resonators, optical fiber sensors; theory, applications and system considerations. An overview of the other principal application of optics.

EE 515 Opto-electronics

Review of electromagnetic theory relevant to optoelectronics. Propagation of rays, Spherical waves and Gaussian beams. Optical resonators. Modulation and detection of optical radiation. Noise in optical detection and generation. Interaction of light and sound. Fiber optics applications.

EE 516 Fourier Optics

Application of Fourier theory to the analysis and synthesis of optical imaging and optical data processing systems. Propagation and diffraction of light. Fresnel and Fraunhofer approximations. Fourier transforming properties of lenses. Image formation with coherent and incoherent light.Transfer function of imaging systems. Optical data processing and holography.