Embedded Sytems and Electronics Lab

Review of microprocessor basics, common processor architectures, and assembly language.

Design and development of hardware and software for embedded systems; microcontroller peripherals, real-time programming concepts, data flow control and interrupts.

Real-time process and data flow control applications, communication protocols, real-time operating systems, in-system programming.

EE 443 Embedded Systems

Course Plan: click HERE


1) Introduction to Computing

  • Numbering and Coding System.
  • Logical Operations.
  • Memory Organization of Computers
  • Internal Block Diagram of a CPU
  • Harvard and Von Neumann architectures
  • Microcontrollers versus General Purpose Microprocessors

2) Microcontrollers

  • Microcontroller Architecture
  • Introduction to Microcontroller Assembly Language
  • Arithmetic and Logic Instructions
  • Microcontroller Advanced Assembly Language Programming.
  • Microcontroller Programming in C.

3) Basic Microcontroller Programming Tools (in Assembly and C)

  • Microcontroller Digital I/O Programming 
  • Microcontroller Timer Programming 
  • Microcontroller Interrupt Programming 
  • Microcontroller ADC Programming 
  • Microcontroller PWM Programming 
  • Microcontroller I2C Programming 
  • Microcontroller UART Programming 

4) Designing A Basic Temperature Control Circuit with Microcontroller.

  • Choosing Design Tools.
  • Choosing Microcontroller and Other Additional Sensors.
  • Describing Physical and Programming Properties.
  • Drawing PCB.
  • Test and Finalize Project