Prof. Dr. Bilge KARAÇALI

Assist. Prof.Dr. Zübeyir ÜNLÜ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Barbaros ÖZDEMİREL

Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Gümüş


Bilal Orkan Olcay

Main Research Topics

– Medical imaging – Biomedical image analysis

– Biomedical information processing

– Computational biology

– Medical imaging systems

– Medical image processing

– Reservoir Computation methods

– Biomedical instrumentation


– Hierachial motif vectors for protein sequences

– Quantitative measures of tissue damage from MRI

– Deformable image registration using information theory

– Feature navigation for computational anatomy

– Histology image analysis using texture features

– Automated analysis of multi-color flow cytometry data

– Deformable image registration using finite element method

– Effect of probe pressure on pulse oximetry


– Center for Integrated Bioinformatics, Drexel University, USA

– Univ. Of Pennsylvania, Dept. Of Pathology, USA

– SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA

– SMIRG (Syracuse Medical Imaging Research Group), USA

– Ege University Medical School, Dept. of Radiology, Turkey