Internship Announcements

Important Reminder:

The internship application form must be filled and sent to the internship coordinator at least 15 days before the start of the internship.

Announcement  (17.04.2024):

“Internship Application Form” and “Unemployment Fund Contribution Information Form” have been updated and the updated files are available in the links below (App-2 and App-9). The information requested in the form, especially the TR ID number, must be entered correctly and submitted to the internship coordinator at least 15 days before the internship start date. When filling out the form, please ensure that the internship duration information which states the number of working days is consistent with the start and the end dates of the internship. The end date should be written as the day the internship ends. Public holidays should be taken into consideration when calculating the internship duration. The boxes below the form indicating whether or not you will be working on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays must be filled accurately. Forms will be returned if they are incomplete or incorrect.

Announcement  (28.07.2023):

Those who are in the status of graduation and have completed their internship within the scope of single course exam right this summer can submit their reports to the relevant research assistant after completing their internship. Students who are successful at the end of the report evaluation process can start the graduation process with the approval of the department head.

Announcement  (12.04.2023):

Students taking courses in the summer school will only be able to do their internship between September 4 and September 30 for 20 working days.

Announcement  (02.12.2022):

Students who are subject to compulsory internship in the 2021-2022 academic year and who do internships in special-qualified enterprises for wages must fill in the “Unemployment Fund Contribution to Internship Fees Information Form” completely and submit it to the department secretariat, together with the bank receipts, by the end of the working day on 06 December 2022. For the following semesters, the relevant documents must be submitted to the department secretariat no later than 2 weeks after the start of the Fall Semester academic calendar.

Internship Guidelines and Required Documents