Important According to the Senate’s decision, online internships can only be done by students who are in graduation status. Intern candidates in the 4th year must attach their transcripts to other application documents in order to indicate that they are in graduation status.

EE300 2021 Spring Term, Results of Internship Reports (01.06.2021)

EE400 2021 Spring Term, Results of Internship Reports (01.06.2021)

Warning: internship related matters and documents must be sent and received via IZTECH e-mail. Emails sent or received from other places such as Gmail give a spam warning and cannot be transmitted.

Warning-2: E-mails about internship should be sent to both Instructor Mahmut Cenk Efeler and the internship assistant who is responsible for.

EE400-Internship Course Announcement and Important Dates (11.03.2021)

EE300-Internship Course Announcement and Important Dates (11.03.2021) (Updated)

Common Mistakes in EE300-EE400 Reports (11.03.2021)

Spring Term EE400 Announcements (27.01.2021)

Spring Term EE400 Announcements (27.01.2021)

EE400-Internship Course Announcement(12.01.2021) (Important)

Summer Practice documents can be reached by following links.

Summer Practice Instruction of Electrical and Electronical Engineering Department(18.06.2019)

App-1 Summer Practice Process Flow Chart

App-2 Summer Practice Obligation Certificate and Application Form

App-3 Summer Practice Performance Report

EE300 App-4 Summer Practice Report(18.06.2019)

EE400 App-4 Summer Practice Report(18.06.2019)

App-5 Summer Practice Break Off Form

EE300 App-6 Summer Practice Evaluation Form (18.06.2019)

EE400 App-6 Summer Practice Evaluation Form (26.06.2019)

App-7 Summer Practice Evaluation Survey-Student

App-8 Summer Practice Evaluation Survey-Employer

App-9 Information Form of Unemployment Fund Contribution to Internship Fees

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