Bio-Inspired Multi-Scale Communications Laboratory

Principal Investigator

Research assistant, PhD

  • Molecular communications: Specifically, detection and estimation of molecular information, reconstruction of molecular signals, information theoretical analysis of molecular communication channel, effects of electro- magnetic field on molecular signaling and its potential medicine applications
  • Bio-inspired Communications: Specifically, bio-inspired communication and networking techniques for wire- less networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless sensor and actor networks

  • Nanonetworks: Specifically, body-area nanonetworks for nanomedicine applications, mobile ad hoc nanonet- works and graphene-based nanonetworks, specifically molecular communications and nanoscale electromag- netic communications

  • Wireless Networks: Specifically, energy-harvesting wireless networks, delay-tolerant networks

  • Signal Reconstruction in Molecular Communications,

The Scientific and Technological Research Council ofTurkey (TÜBİTAK) Grantno.119E041, (2019-2022) /PrincipleInvestigator

  • Detection and Estimation of Molecular Informationin Molecular Communications,

TÜBİTAK, Grantno. 115E362, (2015-2018) / Principle Investigator

  • Wireless Micro-current Stimulator for Chronic Wound and Burn Treatments,

TÜBİTAK Grant no. 2150529, (2016-2017), / Principle Investigator

  • MoNaCo: Molecular Nano-Communication Networks,

National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant no. 1110947, (2011-2012) / Post Doctoral Research Fellow

  • Bio-inspired Communications for Large Scale Systems,

TUBITAK Grant no. 106E179, (2006-2009) / Researcher

  • Nano-scale and Quantum Communication Networks,

TUBITAK Grant no. 109E257, (2010-2011) / Researcher

  • Wireless Passive Sensor Networks,

TUBITAK Grant no. 104E043, (2009-2010) / Researcher

  • Communication Protocols for Next-generation Multi-service Wireless Internet, (2005-2006),

TUBITAK-COST 290 / Researcher

  • EE564 – Bio-Inspired Multi-Scale Communications

  • EE544 – Information Theory and Coding

  • EE352 – Communication Systems I

  • EE451 – Communication Systems II

  • EE442 – Computer Networks

  • EE453 – Software-Defined Communications

  • EE491 – Graduation Project I

  • EE492 – Graduation Project II

  • Aslı Taşçı, Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Performance of Molecular Communications, PhD, Ongoing
  • Fatih Güleç, Modeling and analysis of molecular signals in multiscale molecular communication, PhD, 2021
  • Abbas Kagudde, Effects of channel errors on coded speech communication in software defined radio, MSc, 2021
  • Emrehan Uzun, Distance estimation in tabletop molecular communication, MSc, 2019
  • Alİ Mudheher, Event distortion based clustering algorithm for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks, MSc, 2017
  • Babrah Dusenge, Multi-copy routing for delay tolerant networks in IZTECH, MSc, 2017


  • Book: 1 (English and Chinese Editions)

  • Journal Papers: 20

  • Book Chapters: 4

  • Conference Papers: 11

  • Total Citations: 1848 (by Google Scholar)

  • h-index: 17

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Bio-Inspired Multi-Scale Communications Laboratory is accepting enthusiastic graduate/undergraduate students.

Interested? Please contact Prof. Dr. Barış Atakan 
  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, TU Berlin, Germany
  • Dept. of Mathematical and Informatics Sciences
    University of the Balearic Islands
    Balearic Islands, Spain Institute of Health Research Balearic Islands (IdISBa), Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    Next-Generation and Wireless Communications Laboratory
    Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey