Graduation Project – Poster and Demo Session

You are cordially invited to attend the Graduation Project – Poster and Demo Session of our undergraduate students at the Dept. of Electronics.

The presentations will be held on the ground floor of the Faculty of Engineering, Block D.

Date: 14 January 2024, Friday, 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00 (2 sessions)

Place: Faculty of Engineering, Block D

List of the projects to be presented:

Friday, June 14, 10:00-12:00

FM RADIO via Adalm Pluto
Autonomous Parking System based on Autoware
Joint Communications and Sensing for NOMA systems
NOMA based Cell-Free Networks
RIS enabled MIMO systems
Internet of Things Applications by using Cisco Packet Tracer
Analog Microscope to Digital Microscope Conversion using Raspberry Pi
Performance Analysis and Comparison of Active Noise Cancellation Algorithms
Automatic Vehicle Parking Management System

Friday, June 14 14:00-16:00

Rain Sensor Design
MODBUS TCP/IP Communication
Dual band microstrip patch antenna array design, production and measurement
Multimodal Few-Shot Aerial Scene Recognition using Audio-Visual Features
Social Network Simulation with Large Language Models
Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Design for Sensorless BLDC Motors
YOLOv8 Assisted Immobile Laser Security System
Comparative Analysis and Optimization of Sleep Disorder Classification Using Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning Models