PhD Seminar by Hakan Kayan

On Thursday, January 20, at 14:00, Hakan Kayan, who is continuing his PhD education on behalf of our department, will hold the seminar, the details of which are given below.

Title: Context Aware Security for Cyber-Physical Edge Resources for Industrial Control Systems (CASPER) The increased attack surface, which occurs due to the integration of information technologies (IT) to operational technologies (OT), exposes industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPS) to attacks. The majority of attack detection solutions rely on intrusion detection systems (IDS) that operate on the “cyber” domain of ICPS. Sophisticated attacks (e.g., stealthy attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT)) can penetrate through IDS and disturb the physical processes. Physics-based attack detection mechanisms observe these processes to detect any kind of abnormal behaviors, hence monitor the “physical” side of ICPS. CASPER is a physics-based context-aware attack detection mechanism that utilize machine learning (ML) algorithms to detect these abnormal behaviors.

Mr. Kayan has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics engineering from Izmir University of Economics and Master of Science in Information Security from University of Surrey. Currently, he is a PhD student at Cardiff University. His current work is focused on detecting cyberattacks via behavioral analysis of industrial assets including industrial robotic arms.

Date: 20 January 2022, Thursday
Time: 14:00
Location: Microsoft Teams