TUBITAK 1512 Techno-Initiative Capital Support for Our Undergraduate Students

The Swarm (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) UAV project of our Electronics and Communication Engineering students is one of the 146 initiatives that are eligible to be supported in TÜBİTAK 1512 Techno-Enterprise Capital Support (Individual Young Enterprise- BIGG) program and is awarded a grant of up to 200,000 liras.

IYTE Electronics and Communication Engineering students Burak YÖRÜK, Abdulkadir Şehmus ÖZGÜN, Yunus Emre AŞKIN and Muhammed Esad Dağ’s “Meshine Swarm Technologies” project, which turn into a business idea, provides the autonomous and coordinated work of the Swarm UAV aircraft. Our students, who completed Swarm UAV category of Teknofest Istanbul 2018 with a successful rank, work on the implementation of their project which has already been designed and simulated. The project enables the interactive air vehicles to move in swarm in an organized manner thanks to the developed algorithm, enabling them to scan the area much faster. It will also be able to detect and track objects from images taken from cameras. The project has an important potential for the defense industry, search and rescue and security sectors. Our students, who have applied the different parts of the study to their graduation projects, have been consulted by Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Zübeyir ÜNLÜ Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman GÜMÜŞ.

We congratulate our students with their success.