Department’s graduation project exhibition

Our undergraduate students presented their research projects to faculty members, students, and industry board members in a poster session-style event organised on Thursday, January 9, 2020 at the Department Entrance Hall.


Electronics engineers from Vestel R&D Center participated to the event and realised interviews with the students.


Presentation of graduation projects is a hallmark of every academic semester, providing our undergraduate students with a venue to improve their ability to clearly communicate about their work. 


The list of the projects undertaken by our final year students this semester:


Wireless Engineering, Communications and Networking

·     Channel estimation for massive MIMO systems 

·     Effects of Sensor Density in Decentralized Detection of Point Sources 

·     Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Software-Defined FM Modulation over Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR 

Signal and Image Processing

·     An Interpolated Entropy-Based Motor Activity Recognition System using Electroencephalography Data 

·     A Digital Conversion System for Analog Microscopes 

·     A Centralized Noise Monitoring System for Neonatal Intensive Care Units

·     Underground RFID Identification System 

·     Musical Notes Identification 

·     Design and Implementation of an Active Noise Cancellation Box 

·     Position Estimation from an Image Sequence by Tracking Control Points 

·     Medical Image Segmentation by Using Deep Learning Methods 

·     ECG Simulator 

·     TrackCare – Distance Selective Bluetooth or GPRS Tracking System Supported by GPS 

Microelectronics, Control Systems, Digital and Embedded Systems

·     Design of a Ball and Beam System

·     Radio Jammer 

·     Graphene Phototransistor on Silicon-Silicon Dioxide 

Electromagnetism, Microwave and Photonics

·     S-Band RF Gun Design