Project funding from TUBİTAK

Dr. F. Acar SAVACI, Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Izmir Institute of Technology, has been awarded of TUBİTAK 1001 Research Grant. His project is titled as “Stability Analysis, Estimation and Control in Complex Electrical Power Grids modelled by Levy Processes”. We congratulate Professor Savacı and his team for their success.

Project Summary:

Applications of Levy processes which have infinite variance, symmetric and/or non-symmetric and heavy-tailed probability distributions to PhD thesis topic “Blackouts, Estimation and Control in Complex Electrical Power Grids modeled by Levy Processes will be analysed using the theories laid out in formalisms “Levy Processes and Stochastic Calculus [11,71] “Fractional Kinetics [90]”, and “Non-Extensive Statistical Mechanics [88,28,59]”. This PhD topic will be a continuation of the knowledge we inherited from the PhD thesis topic, “Stability in Stochastic Electricity Power Grids [106]” we supervised.

We will work on probabilistic synchronization and control under Levy type stochastic perturbations of “Electricty Power Grid” modeled with Kuromota network (coupled nonlinear oscillators) [26,27,30,70]. In complex Power Grids, in which large number of generators and/or loads (consumers) are considered as coupled oscillators, stochastic perturbations at both generators and consumers are generally modeled as continuous Wiener processes (Brownian motion) [61]. modeling the stochastic perturbations with Levy processes [17,95] which also include Wiener process as a special case, also takes into consideration random jumps that take place at random times. As a result of such approach, dynamics of “Electricity Power Grid” emerge as Kuramoto model perturbed with infinite variance Levy processes [39,69,77]. Aim of our project is to determine system parameters (weights for each coupling between generators, damping coefficient for each generator, inertia) analytically for the “Stochastic sychronization” of the stochastic power system and to minimize the dispersion in the synchronization error with a suitable feedback rule. Having non-increasing “infinitesimal generator” for our suitably chosen Lyapunov function will suffice for “Stochastic synchronization” of Levy process solutions of the system.

Modeling stochastic perturbations in “Renewable Energy” generators such as wind and solar power, in very wide profile consumer profile that are susceptible to unusual phenomena (rare events) in nature with jumping, large variance Levy processes will enable us to understand the cause of “Blackouts [9]” that are common in last years, and to conrol these unstable phenomena.