BSc Poster and Demo Session

After a semester of hard work, our senior undergraduate students submitted their projects and realised professional oral presentations in front of jury members.

Then, in January 20th 2023 the students presented their posters and demonstrated project artefacts. The eventful poster session provided the perfect occasion for students to discuss projects results with academicians, reflect upon their BSc journey and appreciate the projects completed by their peers.

We wish them all, every success with future plans, and look forward to seeing them again at the IZTECH campus for various occasions.

Project Titles
Coverage Analysis for Wireless Passive Sensor Networks
Analysis of RF Energy Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks
Physical Layer Security for RIS Based Communications
Rate Splitting for multiple access for Downlink Communication Systems
Power Control for Cell-Free Massive MIMO with Machine Learning
Performance Evaluations of Precoding Schemes in MIMO using Sionna
Dynamic Web Page Design Based on LinkedIn Alumni Profile Analysis in Accordance with the Department's Needs
RC Car CAN Implementation: Traffic Sign Recognition
Comparisonal Study for Liver Segmentation in CT Abdominal Images
Author Estimation and Text Summary in Literary Texts
Sound Source Localization
Implementation of a Phase Demodulation Algorithm for Optical Reflectometry Systems
Speech Recognition Using Tiny Machine Learning (Tiny-ML) on Different Edge Devices (Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and Raspberry Pi)
Hand Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm using Gazebo Simulation Environment and ROS Tools
DriverSense: Real-Time Automobile Driver Analysis Software Development
Plant Segmentation from Aerial Field Images using Attention-Based U-Net Model
Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection using Deep Learning
Exploration of Turkish Song Musics and Lyrics Using AI Methods
Text Summarization with Natural Language Processing
Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews
Traffic Sign Recognition on a Remote-Controlled Car
Traffic Sign Recognition
Admiral's Ship Game