BSc Poster and Demo Session

After a semester of hard work, our senior undergraduate students submitted their projects and realised professional oral presentations in front of jury members.

Then, in January 19th 2024 the students presented their posters and demonstrated project artefacts. The eventful poster session provided the perfect occasion for students to discuss projects results with academicians, reflect upon their BSc journey and appreciate the projects completed by their peers.

We wish them all, every success with future plans, and look forward to seeing them again at the IZTECH campus for various occasions.

  Project Titles
LoraWAN-based Vehicle Tracking System
Secret Key Generation for Multi-antenna Systems using Machine Learning
Performance Evaluations of MIMO-OFDM using Sionna
Physical layer security for Reflected Intelligent Surface based wireless communication systems
Interregional Migration Study: Analyzing Patterns and Predicting Future Trends 
Analyzing Land Change by Route Using Map Images 
Analyzing Change Over Time Using Map Images 
EEG based asynchronous BCI system for motor imagery detection
Low Cost Ambient Lighting for Computer Displays
Vision Based Hazard Detection for Bicycle Riders
Vehicle Detection and Tracking
Hand Gesture Classification using Surface Electromyography (sEMG) Signals with Convolutional Neural Networks
Implementation of Industrial Analog Interface Circuits for Microcontrollers
Recyle Filamament Maker with Arduino
RSSI Based Indoor Localization with ESP32
Implementation of Can Bus Communication Protocol
Automated Equation and algebra solver using string processing in C programming language
Implementation of a neural network platform in C programming language
Two-Factor Authentication System for Protecting Metadata and Connected Vehicles
A Comparative Study for Skin Mole Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Deep Learning