Courses Offered by Barbaros Özdemirel

EE212 Electronics I

Semiconductor device physics; operation principles of p-n junction diode, field effect transistor, bipolar junction transistor.  Diode circuits.  Basic single-stage BJT and FET amplifier biasing and small-signal models.  Differential amplifiers, current mirrors, operational amplifier circuits.  Introduction to circuit analysis with Spice simulator.

EE313 Electronics II

Output stages and power amplifiers, multistage amplifiers.  Frequency response, feedback, and stability of amplifiers.  Regenerative circuits, MOSFET and TTL digital circuits.  Linear power regulators.  Switching mode power drivers and regulators.  Components, PCB layout, and wiring.

EE315 Electronics Laboratory

PN-Junctions; diode I-V Curves.  Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) amplifiers; DC biasing, small-signal modeling.  Field Effect Transistor (FET) amplifiers; DC biasing; small-signal modeling.  Frequency response of BJT amplifiers.  Operational amplifier circuits.  Design project.

EE316 Electronic Design Project

Non-ideal effects in operational amplifiers and compensation methods.  PWM and AM modulation techniques.  Transistor Power Amplifiers; Design Project.

EE342 Digital System Design

Review of Boolean Algebra, logic circuits, and implementation technology.  Verilog HDL (Hardware Description Language) programming basics and coding style.  Digital design and optimization methods; timing concepts, pipelining, parallelism, scheduling, data flow control.  Students are given simple design projects and they are expected to share their solutions with the entire class through presentations and project reports.

EE443 Embedded Systems

Review of microprocessor basics, common processor architectures, and assembly language.  Design and development of hardware and software for embedded systems;  microcontroller peripherals,  real-time programming concepts,  data flow control and interrupts.  Real-time process and data flow control applications,  communication protocols,  real-time operating systems,  in-system programming.

EE565 Biomedical Instrumentation