Courses Offered by Enver Tatlıcıoğlu

EE 362 Feedback Control Systems

Mathematical modeling: Transfer functions, state equations, block diagrams. System response; performance specifications. Stability of feedback systems: Routh-Hurwitz criterion, principle of argument, Nyquist stability criterion, gain margin and phase margin. Design of dynamic compensators. Analysis and design techniques using root-locus. State-space techniques: Controllability, observability, pole placement and estimator design. Discrete-time control systems.

EE 502 Linear Systems Theory

Linear spaces, normed linear spaces, metric spaces, Hilbert spaces. Matrix representation of Linear Transformations, change of basis. Fundamental theorem of differential equations. Dynamical systems. State transition matrix, impulse response matrix. Variational equation. Dynamic interpretation of eigenvalue-eigenvectors. Minimal polynomials, function of a matrix, bounded-input bounded-output stability, equilibrium points, stability in the sense of Liapunov. Algebraic equivalence, controllability, observability, minimal realization.