Courses Offered by Fatih Yaman

EE425  Microwave Engineering

Passive components and their behaviour at high frequencies; transmission line theory and equivalent circuit; Smith Chart; single and multiport networks; S parameter; Rf filters and coupled resonance circuits; matching and biasing networks; Rf transistor amplifier design -gain, stability, noise figure, linearity; oscillators and mixers.

EE426 Intoduction to Microwave and Antenna Measurements

Laboratory exercises are provided to reinforce the theory of electromagnetic fields,transmission lines and antennas: Standing wave ratio of transmission lines; measurement of S parameters; amplifier gain measurement; frequency spectrum; antenna impedanceand radiation pattern measurement.

EE 522 Numerical Methods for Electromagnetics

Numerical solution of matrix equations and matrix eigenvalue problems. Method of moments. Finite difference and finite element methods. Variational methods. Spectral domain approach. The use of above methods in the solution of various antenna and scattering problems, and in the analysis of passive microwave components.

EE 524 Microwave Devices and Applications

Transmission lines and waveguides: line equations, coaxial line, waveguides, microstrip line; Passive devices: connectors, attenuators, resonators and filters, directional coupler, isolator and circulator; Microwave tubes: klystron, travelling-wave tube; Diodes: varactor diode, parametric amplifier, pin-diode, tunnel diode, Gunn devices, IMPATT; Transistors: bipolar and field effect, amplifiers, mixers, oscillators.