Courses Offered by Zübeyir Ünlü

EE 548 Medical Imaging Systems and Applications

Medical imaging technology, systems, and modalities. Projection radiography: X-Ray systems, digital radiography. Computed tomography (CT): principles, reconstruction methods, hardware. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): mathematics, spin physics, NMR spectroscopy, fourier transforms, imaging principles. Ultrasound (US): mathematical principles, echo equation, impulse response, diffraction, lateral and depth resolution, phased array systems, noise removal. Nuclear Medicine: positron emission tomography (PET), single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), imaging methods, resolution, 3-D imaging. Medical image storage, archiving and communication systems and formats: PACS; DICOM, TIFF. Image processing applications on medical images: enhancement, segmentation, registration, compression, etc.

EE 549 Biomedical Image Analysis

Bioimaging in histopathology. Digitized histologic slides: sectioning of tissue samples, immunohistochemical staining, image acquisition. Preprocessing of histology image data. Tissue segmentation. Region segmentation. Segmentation and morphological characterization of cell nuclei. Abnormality detection via pattern classification. Analysis of three-dimensional radiological sequences. Format conversion and preprocessing. Co-registration and lesion detection. Computational anatomy via deformable registration. Comparative group studies: statistical parametric mapping, high-dimensional pattern recognition. Computational anatomy in four dimensional sequences.