Seminar on Quantum Computing at the Hartree Centre

You are cordially invited to the seminar on

Quantum Computing at the Hartree Centre: Bridging Theory and Software from near-term to fault-tolerant quantum computing

which will be given by our 2019 EE Engineering graduate
M.Emre Şahin Quantum Software Engineer at Hartree Centre
This presentation outlines the operations and contributions of the Quantum Computing Group at the Hartree Centre. We explore our extensive work across multiple domains, from Quantum Machine Learning in drug discovery to computational histopathology. Highlights include our collaboration on the Qiskit Machine Learning Library, advancements in quantum computing for chemistry, quantum optimization techniques, and developments in fault-tolerant quantum computing.
Place: TAM   ( TÜMLEŞİK ARAŞTIRMA  MERKEZİ )  seminar  hall
Date: 30 april 2024 at  15.30