IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecture on Industrial AI Perspectives of 6G

IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecture will be held at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

6G: Industrial AI Perspectives by Dr. Shahid Mumtaz, Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), Portugal.

Date: 26 October 2022, Wednesday @10:00

Location: Seminar Room of Electrical and Electronics Eng. Dept.

Abstract: Intelligence is the ability to model our thinking and sensing processes through various intelligent models. In industrial AI, engineers develop and deploy AI algorithms consistently and systematically to achieve repeatable and consistent results. Therefore, in this talk, I will explain the different trends of Industrial AI and how it is different from Industry 4.0. Moreover, different societal versions will explain in comparison with Industrial AI. In the end, other vital challenges and usecase will be described. In addressing the real-world implementation of Industrial AI, this research will guide and roadmap for researchers and industries.