Our PhD Graduate Fatih Güleç Received IEEE Turkey PhD Thesis Award

One of the graduate research assistants of our department, Dr. Fatih Güleç received PhD Thesis award within the scope of the 2023 IEEE Türkiye science awards. Dr. Fatih Güleç completed his PhD thesis titled “Modeling and Analysis of Molecular Signals in Multiscale Molecular Communication” in 2021 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Barış Atakan. Dr. Fatih Güleç continues his studies as a researcher at York University.

Details of the 2023 IEEE Türkiye science awards can be found at the IEEE Türkiye link.

We congratulate Dr. Fatih Güleç and his thesis advisor Prof. Dr. Barış Atakan.

Thesis Summary and Evaluation:
Within the scope of this doctoral thesis, theoretical and practical research were conducted on channel, receiver and end-to-end system modeling, distance estimation and localization for molecular communication (MC) systems. MC is an interdisciplinary field encompassing biology, chemistry, physics, and communication engineering. These theoretical and experimental works on MC paved the way for future applications such as targeted drug delivery in the human body via the usage of nanonetworks which consist of communicating nanomachines or engineered cells. Furthermore, the output of this research led to efficient communication applications in wave-denied environments where electromagnetic wave-based communication is not possible. A conference and 6 journal papers were published as the outputs of the thesis. This doctoral thesis is significant as it introduces practical models supported by experiments within the MC literature and shows that MC can be used as a modeling approach in solving problems in different applications such as the spread of infectious diseases.