We Contributed to Green Night / Horizon 2020 European Researchers’ Night

The main goal of the project, which was carried out on our campus on September 24, 2021, is to increase the visibility of scientists / entrepreneurs in the society; especially young people who are interested in science and the society to be informed about scientific studies and successful outcomes in research and innovation; Contributing to raising awareness; The increase in visionary individuals in the society and ensuring that more young people prefer scientific careers.

In line with the stated objectives, workshops, poster presentations and demonstrations on “5G and Beyond Wireless Communication” were held in the Department of Electronics Engineering at IYTE, under the leadership of our faculty member, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Berna ÖZBEK, with the contribution of our department’s research assistants and students.

Click for the program of the activities carried out under the subtitles of Waste, Energy and Transportation.

What is the European Researcher’s Night Program?

Within the scope of the program, it is aimed to organize a one-day event that will bring researchers and other individuals in the society together and encourage young people to science on the last Friday of September every year in all European Union and Associated countries. The aim, scope and expected impact of the event, which will be created with the aim of encouraging young people to the profession of research, breaking the prejudice against researchers in the society and introducing researchers as “one of us”.

Public activities are organized throughout this Europe-wide event to stimulate interest in research careers, especially among young people. These activities can take various forms such as hands-on experiments, scientific demonstrations, discussion sessions, competitions, concerts.