Courses Offered by Kıvılcım Yüksel Aldoğan

EE 221 Concepts of Modern Physics    Syllabus

Electromagnetic Waves; Lightwaves: Reflection and Refraction; Interference, Diffraction and Polarization; Special Theory of Relativity ; Photon and Matter Waves; Introduction to Quantum Theory.

EE 513 Optical Fibre Sensors     Syllabus

This course presents the basic building blocks, classification, operational principles, interrogation methods and main application areas of fiber optic sensors

EE 411 Fundamentals of Photonics

Ray properties of lightwaves; Paraxial Wave solutions: Beam optics; Various optical beams and Beam propagation through optical system; Fourier optics analysis; Electromagnetic representation of  lightwaves; Polarization properties of lightwaves; Electro-optical principles and application in practical devices.

EE 412 Lightwave Communication  Syllabus

Dielectric waveguides; Optical fibers; Optical fiber fabrication; Signal degradation in optical fibers; Optical sources; Power launching and coupling; Photodetectors and optical receivers; Analog/Digital transmission systems; Optical amplifiers; Wavelength division multiplexing systems; Free-space optical communication systems; All-optical network concepts.

EE 511 Introduction to Optical Fiber Communications

Optical propagation in fibers, attenuation, scattering, dispersion, polarization and non-linear phenomena in transmission. Optical sources and optical detectors. Coupling of sources and detectors to optical fibers, splicing and optical connectors. Non-coherent receivers and their performance, non-coherent optical fiber communication systems.